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12 January, 2011 / Petra

I have moved

Thank you for stopping by, but this blog will no longer get updated.

You find the new blog here.

I hope to see you there,


28 November, 2010 / Petra

Waiting for summer

Boat lying up-side-down beside Bulloch Harbour covered with snow.

We are not back to normal. In fact the weather became even more unusual as we had plenty of snow last night – maybe 10cm and that right beside the sea and in Ireland is very unusual.

So I couldn’t resist and went for a walk before breakfast. Ok, not at 7am but still … What made the walk even more enjoyable was that the sun came out. So I spend two hours walking around with my camera, all smiley like everyone I met, like happy children. I haven’t seen that many cameras out before.

I took almost 200 pictures this morning – sometimes I hate digital photography! So it took quite a while to go through them and decide which ones I want to show on / flickr / Facebook. I managed to cut them down to 39 in the end. Still too much for my liking to upload in one lot as I can’t expect anyone to have the patience to look at them or even comment on them, not to mention those poor friends that follow me on all three pages. And I think it usually takes away from each individual picture when there are too many new ones at the same time. Anyhow I felt they belong together and tell the story of those two hours.

Finally I decided on my favourite of today. Might change my mind again. But at the moment it is the one above.

27 November, 2010 / Petra


Part of roof with chimney covered in snow with clear blue sky

I don’t get out much these days to take pictures. I hope that will change again once my course finishes. So I was glad to see this picture looking out of the window today. We had the weirdest weather I ever experienced last night. Lightning and thunder at -1 degrees combined with snow and hail showers. It now starts melting again which is not unusual for snow in Ireland so it seems we are back to normal. ­čśë

30 October, 2010 / Petra

Morning swim

Dog swimming at low tide in Scotsman's bay between rock in morning sunI went for a quick photowalk this morning to take some pictures for the assessment of my course as photography is one of the modules. And I needed some sunny pictures of the area for the website of the SME I’m working on.

A truly lovely morning for this walk. Only because I didn’t have breakfast before I left I went back home. Otherwise I could have walked for hours.

While around Sandycove beach this dog was looking forward to his morning swim. When I then looked back and saw him swimming between the rocks I was pretty sure I would like this picture.
It represents nicely the lovely morning and all the other (human) swimmer in forty-foot – a very busy place at 10am on a sunny Saturday morning.

4 October, 2010 / Petra

The Three of us

Three small fishing boats in Galway harbour

This is another picture from the photowalk with @photowalkie and @091labs in Galway earlier in September.

Probably not one I would print as there is too much going on. But one I like for other reasons. It’s taken with a Zenith TTL. The camera was a wedding present of a russian friend who moved to Seattle in August. I couldn’t believe she didn’t want to keep the camera. But she even called her husband in Seattle (7am his time on a Sunday) and he agreed.

So I value the camera even more and am glad that I managed to take some decent pictures with it already. And I love the quality of film pictures. ­čÖé

3 October, 2010 / Petra

Dreamy Pink

Pink Rose blossom with rain drops using close up lens on zoom lens

While looking again through my pictures from the photowalk in Botanical Gardens Dublin yesterday I couldn’t decide which one to use for my blog. So the nice side effect is I have two updates in a row ­čÖé

This picture was again taken with my zoom lens. But on top I had a 4x close up lens from @sharononeill. Difficult to handle. As you can only get things into focus by moving the camera. We are talking about a difference of mm to be in or out of focus bearing in mind that you might have difficulties standing still leaning towards your object. But I love the effect from this combination. So close up lenses are definitely another item on my wish list.

2 October, 2010 / Petra

Into the Light

Orange Rose Blossom with raindrops

Mid September we met for a photowalk organised by in the Botanical Gardens in Dublin. A rainy day but not too bad so we could experiment with the raindrops. And as you can see the sun came out from time to time as well to improve our pictures. This was taken with my zoom lens as a macro lens is still on my wish list.