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3 October, 2010 / Petra

Dreamy Pink

Pink Rose blossom with rain drops using close up lens on zoom lens

While looking again through my pictures from the photowalk in Botanical Gardens Dublin yesterday I couldn’t decide which one to use for my blog. So the nice side effect is I have two updates in a row 🙂

This picture was again taken with my zoom lens. But on top I had a 4x close up lens from @sharononeill. Difficult to handle. As you can only get things into focus by moving the camera. We are talking about a difference of mm to be in or out of focus bearing in mind that you might have difficulties standing still leaning towards your object. But I love the effect from this combination. So close up lenses are definitely another item on my wish list.


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  1. aafke / Oct 6 2010 12:53 pm

    Hey, i do like the soft focus and the colour that’s in in for october (although pink is my least liked colour)

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