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28 November, 2010 / Petra

Waiting for summer

Boat lying up-side-down beside Bulloch Harbour covered with snow.

We are not back to normal. In fact the weather became even more unusual as we had plenty of snow last night – maybe 10cm and that right beside the sea and in Ireland is very unusual.

So I couldn’t resist and went for a walk before breakfast. Ok, not at 7am but still … What made the walk even more enjoyable was that the sun came out. So I spend two hours walking around with my camera, all smiley like everyone I met, like happy children. I haven’t seen that many cameras out before.

I took almost 200 pictures this morning – sometimes I hate digital photography! So it took quite a while to go through them and decide which ones I want to show on / flickr / Facebook. I managed to cut them down to 39 in the end. Still too much for my liking to upload in one lot as I can’t expect anyone to have the patience to look at them or even comment on them, not to mention those poor friends that follow me on all three pages. And I think it usually takes away from each individual picture when there are too many new ones at the same time. Anyhow I felt they belong together and tell the story of those two hours.

Finally I decided on my favourite of today. Might change my mind again. But at the moment it is the one above.



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  1. aafke / Nov 28 2010 9:32 pm

    Haven’t been on for a few days, so might as well comment here. Like the photo a lot, title is cool and i love (especially the second subsection(paragraph?) in) your description.

  2. David Ferrie / Jan 10 2011 5:34 pm

    Really like this shot, the mix of the blue sky, snow and the way the front of the boat is just coming through.

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