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20 September, 2010 / Petra

Hitchcock’s The Birds?

Thomas Court in Dublin 8, Houses and cars and a lot of doves starting to fly

Last Friday we had some time during the webactivate programme to use the Panasonic Lumix we got for the photography part of the course. And as it was a lovely morning it was a nice opportunity. We didn’t take any suitable pictures for our project 103 website but walking along Thomas Court all of a sudden some doves started to fly towards us. I have to say, sometimes a compact camera comes in very handy. I don’t think I would have got this shot with a SLR.

13 September, 2010 / Petra


Yesterdays photowalk in Galway was mainly dictated by the ever-changing weather. Sun – rain – clouds – rain – sun (with rain I mean torrential rain!). And always the question: how much further can we walk before we need to find shelter again?

But none the less a very enjoyable day. Probably because of the weather we were less than expected but with nine people a nice crowd. And I somehow prefer smaller groups anyway. Many thanks to Mark who organised this walk 🙂

For me it was the first time walking through Galway with a proper (read: SLR) camera. Actually two of them. My digital and the Zenith I got a few weeks back from a friend. The film is still not finished. Fascinating how I can take 130 digital pictures within a few hours but struggle to finish a 36 exposure film in two days.

Anyhow. I didn’t finish completely deciding which of those 130 picture I find worthy to publish. But I like this one for sure.

Closeup of water going down a weir fast but due to exposure looks frozen

31 August, 2010 / Petra

Peoples Photography

Don’t like the fact that at the moment I don’t really have the time to go out there and take pictures. But I hope that changes latest in October. And meanwhile I’m looking forward to a short trip to Galway on the 10th of September for a photowalk organised by Mark and So hopefully I come back with some suitable results.

Last weekend now I had my first exhibition – along with friends from Even though I haven’t been that exhausted in ages I absolutely enjoyed it. Especially when people passing by stopped and even pointed at pictures / talked about them. I “only” sold 5 of my postcards. But two people were asking for prices and a lot took my business card. So hopefully someday I will be more lucky 😉

Quite a few friends came to have a look which I found brilliant. But not everyone could make it, so here is the picture of my display on Saturday. On Sunday I changed it a little but only had a film camera with me so that will take a while before I have it. Especially as I used a Zenith camera I only got the previous weekend. So I’m not too sure about my result there.

Display of my pictures at Peoples Photography

23 August, 2010 / Petra

Autumn is coming closer

Four Apples in sun

This was taken Saturday week on a lovely stroll through Marley Park with two friends of mine. Actually the last time we could meet like this as one of them is on holidays in New York now, coming back on Sunday and the other is moving to the States on Saturday.

And as autumn to me means a kind of farewell – at least to the summer – I think this is an appropriate picture for that day.

And besides that I like it 😉

18 August, 2010 / Petra


Slowly I’m getting through more pictures from Stradbally and manage to decide which ones I want to show here.

I plan not to upload many more from there but as I’m still looking through them there might be one or two more. Sorry.

And to make it even worse, today there are even two. But to me they belong together.

blue bonnet with hood ornament of an vintage austin

black bonnet with hood ornament of an vintage austin

15 August, 2010 / Petra


Still have to look properly though the far too many pictures I took two weeks ago on the to Stradbally, the Steam Rally.

So this is the first one of them I’m uploading. I have a few more in mind but the weather is too good to stay at home at the moment;-)

19 July, 2010 / Petra


Still have to figure out my concept for this blog. And how to improve some features.

But until then I’ll post my favourite pictures from time to time:-)

This is from the photowalk on Saturday to Carnsore Point, Co. Wexford. Ok, I admit. This could have been taken anywhere really.