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WebActivate – Diary of a new programme

Thanks to the Irish Government, the Labour Market Activation Fund 2010 but especially

thanks to the Digital Skills Academy and the support of the Digital Hub:

Webactivate was created.

A free programme over four months for unemployed to learn new skills in the world of web design, iMarketing and social media and on the other hand a programme for Small and Middle Sized Companies to get a free website developed.

It takes place from 16th August – 15th December 2010 and I am one of the participants in Dublin.

A friend of mine ( had a very good idea:

A blog about this programme.

But as my main blog is for my pictures, I suppose unless I start a second blog I need to update on this page. You see, I really need that programme to learn more how to create websites;-) Probably I’ll even learn a better way to blog. We will see.

Update on 16th August:

Decided to go for a second blog. So here it is WebActivateDiary


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  1. Dan King / Aug 15 2010 3:45 pm

    Best of luck with it Petra. Kind of kicking myself for missing this.

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